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This tutorial is about Field API. Field API is a new API in Drupal. Field API has been introduced in Drupal 7. When you will install Drupal 7, there will be a module Field UI. In Drupal 7, many modules of CCK has...

We will explain Field API Hooks with the help of a module. This Module is "Math Work". When this module will be installed, it will create two field type (1)Factorial (2)Square. User can create field of factorial type...


FIGOVER is a Web Development Team. FIGOVER is a team with an aim of providing web development to client in today's highly competitive, and innovative environment. We are skilled in PHP, MySQL, HTML and CSS.

We focus on the following areas:

We develop Drupal Themes and Modules, develop shopping sites using Ubercart and CRM solutions using CiviCRM. We also provide support to Drupal community.
We will work with you to develop your web presence and make sure you have the right online features to accomplish your goals. page 1

Sports Grouping

We have used Drupal 6 for this web site. It is a Group Management System. User are be to create their accounts on the web site. Site Admin can accept user accounts. User can send request to join groups. Admin can accept so that user would become member of that group. This system helps to create a community on different topics. Users can communicate with each other through private messages....

Recreational Sports - George Mason University-home

April 4, 2010 by admin

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George Mason Recreational Sports offers many outlets for students and staff to enjoy their free time while on campus. Take a much needed break from one’s busy schedule and visit one of George Mason University’s excellent recreation centers on campus. Conveniently located near the major housing and academic buildings on-campus, students and faculty/staff can work off stress with a fun game of basketball, enjoy a cardio kickboxing class, pump some iron, or take a leisurly dip in the pool. New to the workout scene?

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